NOBW vice-president shri ashwani rana addressing  workersYoung bank workers demonstrated under the banner of We Bankers, a voluntary organization of bankers mostly representing young bankers at Jantar Mantar to press for their demands of pay parity with Central Government employees. National Organization of Bank Workers (NOBW) and other bank unions have supported the We Bankers demand and has decided to support the demonstration in Delhi today.

In a statement released yesterday, NOBW said: We have raised the demand of pay commission for PSU bankers.   There is a difference of 30 per cent between central government employees and bank employees wages. This has made bank jobs unattractive for young workers.

Addressing the gathering NOBW vice president Shri Ashwani Rana said that Pay commission is the need of the hour to settle the wage issue. The gathering was addressed by Shri Govind Singh Adhikari, Shri Kamlesh Chaturvedi, Shri Manish Kumar, Shri Saransh Shrivastava, Shri Ajitesh, Shri Uma Shankar among others.


  • Wage revision for PSU Banks at par with Central Government employees pay and allowances
  • Implementation of 5-day working
  • Separate Commission to look into work load, risk involved, personal accountability, etc
  • Counting of entire military service for pay fixation and other benefits
  • Implementation of minimum wages act for canteen boys
  • Special Commission to look into NPA, financial scams
  • Implementation of One Rank One Pension


We Bankers has earlier demonstrated in Kanpur and Mumbai as well.

The wage revision issue of over eight lakh bank workers has been pending since 2012. The united Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) representing nine PSU bank Unions has demanded 25 per cent hike while the Indian Banks Association representing banks’ management has offered a meager 11 per cent.

The UFBU has given a nationwide bank strike call on November 12 on the issue.  However, as reported earlier by NEWS MSME, a large section of young bank employees are in favour of indefinite strike to settle the wage issue.

A blog posted by We Bankers has even questioned the authority of the UFBU in negotiating their wages.young bank leaders addressing workers

“Can it be said with any stretch of imagination that UFBU was having any authority or locus standi to enter into settlement for those had not joined the services of the Bank at the signing of 9th Bipartite Settlement and were neither members of the constituent unions of UFBU nor they had authorized or mandated these unions to sign settlement on their behalf? These employees account for about 25% of the existing workforce and their number would continue to increase because of rapid retirement of existing employees. It is estimated that by 2015, percentage of these employees in total number of employees would be around 75%”, reads the blog.

Murmurs of protest against the UFBU have been heard from other quarters as well. Some of the bank unions have issued circulars in this regard.