UFBU-IBA talks failed; banks strike on Nov 12

UFBU-IBA talks failed; banks strike on Nov 12Amidst continuing protests from bankers in different corners in the country, talks between the United Forum of Bank Workers (UFBU) and Indian Banks Association (IBA) once again failed to make any headway. The UBFU has given a nationwide Bank strike on November 12. Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner had called a reconciliation meeting of the UFBU and the IBA to avert the strike. However, the IBA remained adamant on 11 per cent hike offer that has been rejected by the UFBU already in its earlier meeting. The next reconciliation meeting will be held on November 10.

The issue of over eight lakh bank workers has been pending since 2012. The united Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) representing nine PSU bank Unions has demanded 25 per cent hike while the Indian Banks Association representing banks’ management has offered a meager 11 per cent. So far there have been over 13 meetings with the IBA since February 2103. The wage revision is due from November 1, 2012.

UFBU-IBA talks failed; banks strike on Nov 12
Shri Ashwani Rana, Vice President, NOBW

Talking to NEWS MSME National Organization of Bank Workers Vice President Shri Ashwani Rana said: IBA is quoting the reason of non-affordability of banks and is stubborn in its offer of 11 per cent increase in pay slip components, as against the demand of the UFBU for a respectable settlement with due consideration of the difficulties that are faced by the employees on account of high rate of inflation, which has eroded the salaries of the employees to a great extent.

“In spite of their wholehearted support in implementation of the Government schemes announced from time to time even at high discomfort levels, the are not being comparatively paid adequately”, added Shri Rana.