Decision makers prefer to read a series of articles rather than just an advertisement. Consumers now research products and services before making a purchase. Three out of five internet people today shop online. There are no doubts that your potential and existing customers are online and that’s where they learn more about your company and products.

However, just a website is not enough. Organizations that have websites must invest in online marketing can as well to get the rewards of connecting with the shoppers. You might be thinking that online marketing is beneficial only to big players and you are wrong. Established presence online is an affordable and profitable way for a to rise. Here are seven must do strategies for SMEs:

Be There Always

Internet has bombarded us with huge amount of information that we are even willing and capable to process. Deals, offers, news and other information are thrown on us from all quarters. In such a scenario, you must remind your customers about your existence frequently otherwise you will disappear. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to keep constant communication with your customers.

Share Videos

Visuals influence your customers a great deal. 90 per cent of all the decisions that buyers make are based on visuals. Record a video, share it online and find a way to increase its visibility through social networks, referrals and emails. Youtube is the second biggest search tool and Snapchat and Vine video platforms offer incredible opportunities to target young generations. But be careful: don’t oversell your product.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social Media is an interesting tool to win away buyers. Your friends and relatives can become your brand ambassadors. Creating profiles is just your first step. Build a solid strategy and follow it. Try different things, observe the trends and make suitable changes. Use social media platforms to connect with future customers and build loyalty with the existing buyers by targeting specific demographics, interests or locations.Top 7 Internet strategies for SMEs

Build a Group

People do not look for products but for solutions to their problems. And if the solution is coming from a reputable source that they can trust, they are ready to buy. Offer advice and share your experience to build trust and generate more business. You can either build your own group or forum on the website or actively participate in the existing discussions.

Target Locals

If you are a local company, it’s time to gain benefits from online marketing by making it easy for buyers or clients to find you. Make sure you have the correct address listed on every social media platform you are on, website and directories. Claim your business on Google Maps and utilize your Google+ company page. Having a Google+ page is not even an option anymore, especially for local businesses. Go ahead and create one if you still don’t have it.

Be Visible

If you are not seen, you are out. Search Engine Optimization is a must for companies that want to generate business. If your company is not found in the search engine, your perspective customer will click on the competitor’s site. SEO requires expertise and constant monitoring. Treat your website as your physical location: you want customers to walk into the store and buy. And if they don’t see you, they buy somewhere else. Help people find you online.

Pass Usable Information

When you walk into the store, you want your experience to be pleasant, cashiers friendly and products easy to find. Apply this pattern to your website. Make it a place that people would want to come back to. Keep in mind that your customers navigate on the website exactly the way you tell them to. Using the right content, navigation, design, helps you achieve the goals and make the user happy.

Experts can help you a great deal in designing your online strategies. Don’t be afraid, it is affordable and most of the things can be done even free. Contact us for free consultations and more information.