PM Modi at Madison Sq, NY
PM Modi at Madison Sq, NY

Addressing a civic reception at Madison Square in New York, Prime Minister made big  announcements for NRIs.  PIOS(People of India Origin) will now be getting lifetime visa. The PM also announced that there will now be no need to visit police stations in India if any NRI is travelling on a long visa. The PM made other big announcement as well to an
Eelectrified crowd. The PIO and OCI schemes will now be merged while US citizens will be soon be getting visa on arrival facility and also long-term visa for tourism

The prime Minister made a fervent appeal to NRIs to come and invest in India while assuring his governance will ensure “ease of governance” and “effective government”.

US senators and business community have expressed their happiness and consider this as a potent sign of a Government that means buisness.
It was a homerun or a sixer for us, quipped a supporter who attended the civic reception.