Digital Biz Wiz, branding, SEO, SMM, WP and Google webmaster and avid blogger Ashutosh Kasera shares his experiences with NEWS MSME on opportunities and prospects of Online Business. His success mantra is: Learn the tricks of the trade before you venture out. Excerpts:

…the idea

After working for over a decade and a half for companies, I realized that I was still an employee who can be told any day that your-Ashutosh Kasera 2 300x200service-is-no-longer-required. When one is working for oneself, personal branding is done. One’s value increases as milestones are crossed. Basically, I wanted to work for myself.

…the beginning

I was always passionate about writing. I am a blogger since 2006. Internet is a huge market growing rapidly. Millions of websites are being adding up and they all need content. I saw an opportunity here. I thought of translating my blogging hobby into a commercial proposition. I researched about the market thoroughly before venturing out as a professional in digital world.

….skill set required

In order to earn in digital world, one has to develop some skills. Simply opening emails and liking pages won’t lead you anywhere. One needs to do something tangible as one does in the physical world. I started with searching platforms where I can meet my prospective clients or customers. I opened accounts with and  I did this even while continuing with my job. I observed the platforms off and on for about six-seven months.

…learning the hard way

When I started bidding for projects, responses were elusive in the beginning. My first project experience online was not very pleasant. I got no money from the client for the work I did for 15 days. I got cheated. Lesson learnt was that one has to be very careful about selecting online projects. My experience shows that one must look at the credentials of the client first. Another safeguard I normally take is to ask for payments on daily basis.

Getting the projects is just part of the process. One has to look at a number of other factors in online business. One needs to learn, by trial and error, to sift through fake clients and genuine clients.

…tricks of the trade

Most of the people get into digital business finding it very lucrative. They think that one can start this business with less efforts and minimal investment. This is wrong thinking . Online world is more complex than brick and mortar businesses. It needs as much efforts and money as brick and mortar projects require.

Of course, digital world has its own peculiar way of operating the business. The digital business is about making experiments. One needs to interact with the peers and experts in the industry, learn from them and build your experiences continuously.

Digital business is all about building trust. One needs to brand oneself as a helper. One needs to build relations with customers one to one. It is not just about getting number one in Google page ranking. Many Black Hat techniques can ensure this temporarily but this is only a short-term measure. Short term philosophy never works in digital business and will not bring in revenue. Organizations must prove their authority online over the goods they are selling or services they are providing. Organizations must work hard today to ensure a better tomorrow. Overnight success never happens in digital business.

…bright future

Internet is spreading fast and impacting consumers buying pattern in a big way. Reviews, recommendations and user-friendly applications have tremendous impact on consumers now. Businesses especially MSMEs can no longer afford to ignore digital media.

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