Prime Minister Narendra Modi lighting the lamp to inaugurate Invest Madhya Pradesh Global Investors Summit 2014 at Indore  The Speaker, Lok Sabha, Smt. Sumitra Mahajan and other dignitaries are also seen.Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that irrespective of political affiliations, the Centre would stand shoulder to shoulder with all states to facilitate investment and economic growth. He was addressing the inaugural of Global Investors Summit in Indore. Ambassadors of 28 countries are present at the summit. The Summit has nine partner countries.

Shri Narendra Modi said he wanted the Centre and each state government to work together in the spirit of one plus one equal to eleven. The Prime Minister said that following his recent summit level interactions with Japan, China and the US, “investment worth 100 billion dollars had applied for a visa to India.” It is now up to the states to grab a share of this investment, he added.

The Prime Minister emphasized that India’s strength is inherent in its states, and if India is to be developed, states must go forward. He said he stands for Team India – a team consisting of the Prime Minister and all Chief Ministers. If this team works together, a lot can be accomplished, he added. Shri Narendra Modi said the Centre and states are not competitors or enemies; they are complementary.

Complimenting the Madhya Pradesh Government and Chief Minister for rapid strides in development, the Prime Minister said that the team of Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan deserves full credit for it. He said Madhya Pradesh has ample land, good infrastructure, and effective governance; and therefore is an excellent investment destination. He also complimented the state government for quick follow-up action to derive benefit from key policy initiatives of the Centre, such as the “Make in India” vision and defence manufacturing policy.