Indian SMEs want to be the first adopters of new technologies. For most of the SMEs cloud technology is a priority, says a survey cited by SAP India. SAP has launched Innovation Express campaign, a unique travelling showcase of advanced business solutions exclusively designed to help SMEs realize their ever growing dreams.

Technology first: Indian SMEs Infographics
SAP Infographics

The survey shows that 87 per cent of SMEs believe enterprise application, analytics and mobile solutions will play an important role in achieving their ambitions and 44 per cent of SMEs in India see customer success as their biggest ambition.

The biggest ambition for SMEs around the world is Growth (47 per cent). Customer success follows with 27 per cent and business improvement with 19 per cent. India is one of the few countries to buck this trend. SMEs in India focused into Customer success (44 per cent), followed by achieving growth (34 per cent), business improvement (12 per cent) and societal improvement (10 per cent).

The Study found that Indian SMEs take technology as essential for driving growth. 87 per cent of businesses surveyed agreed that excellent technology and communications systems are critical to achieve the ambitions. In fact, 84 per cent say that investment in technology has resulted in real business benefits, followed by 75 per cent who use technology to differentiate themselves from competitors and 69 per cent aim to be the first business to adopt new technologies.