A Lean expert and corporate mentor Manoj Kumar Trivedi, is professionally dedicated to develop Managerial Economics across Procurement and Manufacturing models.
He undertakes mentoring organizations that are willing to improve their business process through limitless value addition across business/manufacturing activities. He helps in developing Managerial Economics across value chain for real time cost analysis on macro and micro level for competitive advantage and maximum return.

In an interview to NEWS MSME Editor Anup Kumar Sinha, Manoj takes a holistic look at improving processes and quality. He looks beyond conventional perception and approach, a step further for obvious that adds value and not limited to Quality, Waste, Efficiency and Inventory alone. “Taking lessons from China, in making the nation a low cost manufacturing hub, they have faltered upon economic front to make it manipulative with human right violations with questionable quality, same cannot be repeated. Hence it is essential to be economically strong beside quality and service”, says Manoj.Manoj K Trivedi, Mentor, Lean expert

You have been a corporate mentor and an expert in Lean. Tell us more about how Lean and How it impacts the manufacturing process.

Lean Manufacturing is confined in reducing waste and increases efficiency alone. However, the organizations today have to look beyond for having competitive advantage. Copying a typical Toyota system of 1990, may not be the answer to all in today’s business environment. Today, there is no one-size-fit-all formula for every problem. Given the global economic structure out of rising trade barrier, protectionism, etc there is bound to be cost pressure which when combined with cost of over capacity created in large industries; price of neutralizing the cost pressure is going to be huge. MSMEs being the front runner of any economic system will have to take a lead role in supporting the national economic system by being competitive from all aspects- quality, delivery, efficiency, cost and sustainability.

Inclination from vertical position of lean manufacturing may add value to address current day problems that economically empower organizations for efficient utilization of resources.

As we understand adopting Lean can be beneficial to manufacturing units in many ways.

Yes, when combined with OEE and Managerial Economics, beside competitive advantage, it can increase yield/margin/return ensuring sustainability.

Is there any ideal size of a unit for Lean implementation or it can be adopted in any SME environment?

Manpower requirement depends upon product and process. Size of unit therefore is not a limiting factor in implementing Lean practice and Managerial Economics. It can be implemented with any SMEs.

Tell us something about how Lean has helped your clients

Quite a good number of SMEs have been benefited under my supervision located in Orissa & AP- precisely 10 in last three years. It has helped them aligning their quality and cost with their customers.

As we know Lean has been there for SMEs for quite some time now. Do you suggest any other skill training besides Lean to manufacturing units smart and more productive?

Lean Manufacturing is not sufficient in the given economic situation. Beside Lean Manufacturing technique, there has to be Value Addition methodology across manufacturing activity and value chain of supply chain, which, through my unique Managerial Economics hard skill development approach will work wonder for real time cost analysis on macro and micro levels. This is done through study of inputs, product and process. No special qualification is required to learn. The training and implementation package will include Procurement transformation, Inventory alignment, KANBAN system of production and Developing Managerial Economics.