roads2National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) has begun the exercise of finalizing tenders in a phased manner for awarding 8,500 kms of roads and highways for fiscal 2015-16, the process for which could commence in the beginning of next fiscal itself, says its Managing Director, Mr. Anand Kumar.

“We have already issued four tenders for building roads and highways in Arunachal, and Jammu & Kashmir including some other strategic locations and many more tenders would fall in the public domain shortly as the new government is committed to build huge network of roads and highways in fiscal 2015-16”, said Mr. Kumar.

Inaugurating a National Conference on “Road Construction in India-Roadmap for Achieving Vision of 30 kms per day” organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry here today, Mr. Kumar also disclosed that fresh tenders would also be rewarded for roads and highways projects on which the building works have either discontinued or stopped due to negligence arising on part of contractors and sub-contractors.

Mr. Kumar hoped that by the end of current fiscal India would be able to construct roads and highways to an extent of 3,500 kms against the target of 5,000 kms.

The Chief of NHIDCL also claimed that the company is adopting a fresh approach and methodologies approach for detailed project reports to ensure that once DPR for infrastructure laying is completed, its implementation is ensured as per its provisions so that no tampering is done by contractors and sub-contractors and such projects executed to their logical conclusion.

According to him, the company in consultation with government is working out with the dispute less mechanism so that no disputes arise among those responsible for constructions of roads and highways and project implementation takes off as scheduled.

Chairman, Roads, Ports & Other Infrastructure Committee, PHD Chamber Mr. Sudarshan Mundhra suggested that in Arunachal Rs.1500 crores of roads and highways projects were being executed by sub-contractors which in his views was illegal.

He also informed that there should be separate implementing agency or contractor for constructing roads and bridges as one agency cannot undertake the job effectively because separate technological interventions are required for construction of roads on the one hand and those of bridges on the other.