One of the star attractions at India International Security Expo 2014, New Delhi is XVIDIA’s “Cloud City”. It is live, proactive and pre-emptive. It hooks into any device, any network, anywhere, anytime to make our businesses safer, better monitored, and far more accountable in a stylish way. It gathers seemingly meaningless information is accumulated and comprehended by Big Data. And through a single-window over-the-cloud, information is being made available in real time across departments and hierarchies.

Welcome to XVIDIA’s Cloud City. It extracts data out of any device –cameras, city drones, biometric devices, heat sensors, GPS, et al that can talk to the internet. For those devices or networks who don’t talk to the internet, there are integrators too. By a series of patented technologies structured around Internet-of-Things, Cloud-and-Fog algorithms, Cloud City migrates information from devices to its Cloud, churns it through Big Data, and throws out action points in an intelligent way.

Cloud City  graphics“We are constantly Fogging and integrating sensors built around touch, feel and smell into the Cloud, making our ‘6th Sense’ — predictive modelling – stronger”, says Aaruni Kant Sinha, XVidia Technologies Vice President, Business Development.  “We tap into the ubiquitous nature of the Internet to create systems with limitless tracking, monitoring, and surveilling potential much because the world is leapfrogging towards ‘Internet-of-Everything’, or complete internet coverage of the globe by 2020. Researches indicate at least 26 billion devices on the ‘Internet of Things’ by this time,” he adds while elaborating that India Inc has given tremendous response to this product.

XVIDIA Technologies is already working on a technology demonstrator where ITPO complex will be housing a Smart City Zone.Sanjay Sinha

Cloud City is the brainchild of Sanjay Sinha, a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of Illinois, Chicago. Sanjay is best known for his ahead-of-the-times understanding of the internet industry. Having created Cloud-based systems and solutions much before it was fashionable, Sanjay today is regarded as a Thought Leader in this field. Sanjay started his first Company in Silicon Valley and expanded its presence across US, Europe, Japan and India. With numerous publications and patents, he has diversified experience in various industries like Power & Process Industry, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Telecom and IT.

Essentially bullish about the power of the Indian markets, Sanjay dared to foray into the business of building a first-of-its kind Video NOC, nearly a decade before India had any noticeable internet penetration. Success was not instant, but in the last few years, has been exponential. He is well known for encouraging young entrepreneurs find their feet, especially those with a penchant for nouveaú Technology.


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