Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion

Welcome to Digital Inclusion Programme for Small businesses.. You are a manufacturer, service provider, reseller, shop owner, small business owner, startup or an SME, it is crucial to develop and maintain a powerful digital presence. As more of us turn to the internet for our primary research, web presence also becomes a crucial factor in determining an organization’s success.

Website has traditionally been an expensive proposition, with independent consultants charging exorbitant amounts for basic design . Many entrepreneurs cannot afford these services, yet require a web presence to meet the business goals.

It is also clear that entrepreneurs have unique needs in website design. For example, many organizations that are into product selling need to update their product catalogues frequently; working with a consultant who is unfamiliar with these needs can lead to very expensive website overhauls.


SD Digital Consultancy through its Free Digital Inclusion Programme offers free website design services for small businesses. Most of the basic services like website design, content updation are free. However, many premium services are available at discounted rates.


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