Climate and Sustainable development expert ClimateCare has expanded its operations in India, in response to rising demand from businesses who want to invest in sustainable development projects across the country.

Komal Sinha joins the team as Head of Partnerships. With 10 years’ experience creating sustainability strategies for Indian corporates, Sinha is excited by the prospect of matching strategy with project delivery – creating measurable climate, sustainability and business outcomes for corporate clients.

“I joined ClimateCare because I want to deliver climate and development impacts on the ground here in India. ClimateCClimate Careare has an award winning project development team and a world leading reputation in the field of community impact projects. I’m looking forward to making a difference to people, the environment and businesses across India.” she says.

ClimateCare has seen demand increase, as its international corporate clients seek to fund projects within their supply chains and key markets in India.

In addition, it is seeing new demand following changes to legislation which took effect from 2014. Companies doing business in India are now required to allocate 2 per cent of their average net profit over three years to programmes that deliver positive impacts for local communities.

“All these companies are looking for the best ways to invest their CSR budgets, and this is where ClimateCare can help” explains ClimateCare CEO Edward Harrahan.

Since it was founded in 1997 ClimateCare has worked with businesses around the world to create social, environmental and business value through Climate+Care programmes which cut carbon and improve lives. Examples include helping farmers use treadle pumps to improve yields and income; tackling indoor air pollution through the provision of clean cooking solutions and making clean, renewable energy available to households and communities for the first time.

Through its India office, ClimateCare will help organisations deliver social and environmental impacts quickly and at scale, by supporting and expanding existing projects. It will also develop bespoke community investment projects, aligned to a company’s core business purpose and values.