Centre to revive NE Industrial Incentive Scheme shortly

The government will be reviving the North East Industrial Incentives Scheme shortly in a bid to woo for parking its surpluses in the region.

Centre to revive NE Industrial Incentive Scheme shortlyAddressing members of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in , Secretary, Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, Mr. Naveen Verma said that the department concerned would shortly apply for revival of the scheme which has been put on hold due to financial constraints including various other reasons.

Now with new government in place which has already completed two years of governance and that its commitment is to industrialize the northern eastern region so much as also to facilitate and motivate the Indian industry to proactively look towards east to reap its industrial gains, it has become all the more important to realize the potential of northern eastern region with attracting investments into it,said Mr. Verma.

North East Industrial Incentives Scheme incentives include subsidized interest loans as well as several capital incentives in areas of infrastructure, civil aviation, pharma and industries that have potential to manufacturer and make organic products.