BMS-procession(file)To press for early wage revision of bank employees National Organization of Bank Workers and National Organization of Bank officers under the guidance of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, India’s largest trade union met Minister of State for Finance Mr Jayant Sinha. Secretary and Joint Secretary of Department of Financial Services were also present in the meeting.
The trade union delegation included Mr Pawan Kumar, Mr Virender from BMS, Mr Ashwani Rana and Mr Manmohan Gupta from NOBW, Mr S.U. Deshpandey and Mr Bhale Rao from NOBO.



Wage revision of the bank employees has been due from 1st November 2012. Last wage revision settlement was signed on the 24th April, 2010. The wage negotiations between United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) and Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) have been going on for last 2 years. During the negotiations, Unions have been flexible and scaled down their wage rise demand from 35% to 19.5%. . On the other hand, IBA has offered 12.5% (Rs. 3937.00 crores) on pay slip components so far.

The delegation sought MOS Finance intervention demanding a rise of 17.5% (Rs. 4816.00 crores) on total Establishment expenses during the last 9th Bi-partite settlement. A 19.5% wage hike on pay slip component will cost Rs. 6143.00 crores leaving a gap of Rs. 2206.00 crores in the negotiations so far.


After a long struggle and agitation by the BMS and its affiliates, the demand of Compassionate Appointmentw.e.f. 5th August, 2014 was considered by the present Govt . The delegation has requested the Govt. to considering the cases prior to 5th August 2014 also.


Unions affiliated to National Organisation of Bank Workers and Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh working in different banks are facing industrial relations problems especially due to negation of Industrial Relations meetings. Notwithstanding that all these unions have been registered under Trade Unions Act, 1926, equal treatment in the parlance of law is not being extended to them by the respective bank managements. Consequently, unions have to approach Labour courts forgetting justice in petty matters that has now became a cumbersome process. Surprisingly, even though the BMS is in majority at  State levels, IR meetings platform is not made available to them under the pretext of majority-recognized concept. In fact, Recognition by Majority has no place in the provisions of existing labour laws.

Since Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh is the number one Central Trade Union of the Country, all our unions affiliated to the BMS should get the benefit of IR meetings so that meaningful dialogues could be held with Bank Managements, the memorandum mentioned.


1) Banking Service Recruitment Board (BSRB) should be reconstituted and recruitment in Banks must be channelized through BSRB and State/Region wise. Working of the IBPS is neither satisfactory nor transparent.
2) Minimum qualification for the post of Clerk should be 12th pass instead of Graduation. This will bring down the rate of exodus and after 5-6 years of service, Banks can get trained and loyal officers.