Bank Employees on warpathBanks four-day strike starting 21st Jan for wage revision has been deferred as left-supported banking unions backed out at the last moments. Earlier, United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) has given a strike call from 21st January to 24th January 2015 as against the delayed wage revision and non-satisfactory offer from IBA. “We are ready for agitational programmes and 4 days strike in case IBA not improve its offer to the satisfaction of UFBU in coming days”, said Mr Ashwani Rana, Vice-President, National Organization of Bank Workers, one of the constituents of the the UFBU. In an exclusive interview to NEWS MSME, Mr Rana explained why the wage revision is still pending despite several round of negotiations. Watch the full interview here:

Earlier, Strike dated 7th January 2015 was deferred due to the positive outcome of the meeting between IBA & UFBU held on 6th Jan. 2015 wherein IBA increased their offer from 11% to 12.5% as against the demand of the UFBU from 23% to 19.5%. In the said meeting, it was also suggested that the process of negotiations is to be geared up and a negotiation meeting will be fixed within ten days and it should be finalised as early as possible and not beyond 15th February 2015. A decision was also taken to form three sub-groups with regard to charter of demands of officer Associations, workmen union and proposed health insurance scheme.

The IBA has not called negotiation meeting and has told UFBU to wait till 31st Jan. 2015 before fixing the next meeting with unions.